HOW TO: filling in our name placement template

HOW TO: filling in our name placement template
    Want a little hand with filling in our Place Card Template? We got you!

    When selecting our place card or menu card with personalised guest names you have a few choices to customise the design which not only add a personal touch but can make the process sitting your guests easier. Two of these options are:
    1: adding guest names to a place card
    Place cards help ensure that every guest has a designated seat at your event while also adding a personal touch to your table styling.
    2: adding guest names to the menu card
    Who doesn't love a 2in1. Adding guest names to a menu card is a great way to not only showcase your event menu but create a personalised touch to each setting.

    So if you do want to have place cards or guest names printed on your menu cards - we have this little guide to help you through the process. 

    First up: you need to download our PLACE CARD TEMPLATE
    When you open it, this is what you'll see:

    adelphi mou - place card template example
    Let's breakdown the columns:

    Please fill in the template columns with the names you would like to appear on the individual placements.

    This is a helpful tool to keep track of the number of guests you have filled in. This will not be printed.
    Fill in the names you want to appear on the place card/menu.


    • Invitations are formal, but place settings can be personal. List your mother as Mum, use someones nickname, It’s more personalised & the guest will love it
    • We recommend first name only entries for the place card
    • We does not spell check or review guest names
    • All text supplied by you on this spreadsheet is presumed to be correct and will be printed as written.
    Here are some different examples of filling in the template:

    Place card template example

    And here is how each of those lines would look printed on the place card / menu card:

    Place card template example images


    Remember, place settings give you the opportunity to be a little more personal. This is a great way to make you guest feel special and add another personalised element to your table styling.

    Finally, and equally as important - if you're not sure or have a questions, please get in touch with us and ask. We're always happy to walk through the template with you and answer any questions you might have. It's easier to ask, then have to restart or redo the template.


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