adelphi mou marita 
Hello, it's Marita 
From an early age, creativity has been my passion.
Making things, pulling them apart, questioning how things work and how they fit together.

I studied at RMIT University, obtaining my BA in Textile Design. For many years I worked in the fashion industry, establishing a foundation as a senior designer and merchandiser. From that foundation adelphi mou grew.

adelphi mou is about paying attention to the finer details. Details often overlooked. adelphi mou is about a design process and design elements unique and distinguished to clients and their events. Every client project is an opportunity to tell their story and make their inspiration come to life.





aka Bunana, Pujamas, Jimmy Jams & Budgie
Yoyogi is the keeper of all the secrets. He has the power of the fluff that draws its strength from the secrets that he holds.
He holds watch of the studio, ensuring nothing happens without his supervision.
aka Totto, Teatowel Totti, Darkness & Potchie Pie
Mochi is pure love, joy and everything that is good in this world. His love is so strong it can melt the coldest of hearts. 
He ensures everything behind the scenes is in order while hiding in all the open cupboards & shelves.
You can follow their adventures HERE