are you ready to party?

are you ready to party?
    Pulling off the tab revealing the question, are you ready to party? and inside, a teaser of what’s to come → the start of something truly wonderful.
    I created this invitation to give a tiny peek of whats to come without giving any of the details away. So I pulled from the colour palette, fonts and wave circle shape I was planning to use for the event. Putting all these together I printed the invitation on Acrylic so that all the colour can shine through and this was packaged in a custom made envelope, with a pull tab opening revealing a little surprise when you rip open the tab.
    Alexis Batmitzvah Acrylic Invitation
    It was instant love for Alexis when I heard what a sweet, creative soul she is. This, tied in with @missnandco incredible idea to create walls of art inspired by Alexis resulted in the start of something truly amazing.⁠

    It all started by creating a wall of art, each inspired by Alexis, her family & her love of Charlie - tied in with our Pink + Red Japanese theme. I created 8 unique art panels spanning 26 meters in length and 3 meters high. Oh and yes, I cried when I walked in the room and saw all my art stretched over all the walls for the first time.⁠
    Alexis Batmitzvah Wall Artwork
    Alexis Batmitzvah Wall ArtworkAlexis Batmitzvah Wall Artwork
    "We're so glad you're here" The entrance sets the tone of what to come and in this case its hues of pink and red, cute, quirk & oh so cool⁠ 
    Alexis Batmitzvah Freestanding Welcome Sign & Seating Chart
    The tables were set with everything you need for a Asian feast, with uber cool chairs, personalised acrylic menus & acrylic table numbers, gorgeous florals & personalised fortune cookies create by rymondtn.
    Alexis Batmitzvah Acrylic Menu and Placecard
    Alexis Batmitzvah Table Setting with Acrylic Table Number
    Alexis Batmitzvah Table Setting with Acrylic Menus and Acrylic Table Numbers
    The Harbour Room bar is a gorgeous Green coloured marble, but that just wouldn't do for this night. So I created a Cherry Blossom design that extended the height of the bar and framing it perfectly. Flower Jar took the brief & design I created and created a display that perfectly extended from the bar design.
    On the bar we had frosted purple acrylic Bar Menus to blend in with the florals and further down the bar we had custom Acrylic Drink stirrers in a tall Cherry Blossom design plus our circle wave in a shorter length with Alexis' name.
    And can we have a moment for those pink roller skates!
    Alexis Batmitzvah custom cherry blossom bar cover
    Alexis Batmitzvah frosted Acrylic Bar Menu
    Alexis Batmitzvah Cherry Blossom design, pink roller skates and Acrylic Drink stirrers
    Alexis Batmitzvah Acrylic Drink Stirrers
    Moving around the room there was plenty of fun things to do, with a dance off machine, fairy floss maker, photobooth, ufo machine just to name a few. But what deserves a moment is the Slushie Machine which was wrapped with my custom design and a the sticker I created of Alexis' dog Charlie that was placed on the slushie cups.
    Alexis Batmitzvah Slushie Machine custom wrap and Charlie dog stickers
     and here is a look of everything together. 
    The team behind this event are:
    event styling/coordinator @missnandco
    custom wall art @adelphimou (yes, it needs it's own category)⁠
    stationary @adelphimou
    florals @flowerjar
    furniture @danneventhire
    av @harrythehirer_productions @harrythehirer
    glassware & cutlery @social.eventhire
    candles @tablearteventhire
    venue @harbourroomstkilda
    styling photography @knphoto_graphy 
    event photography @arthomasphoto


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