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Wedding Collections

each of our wedding collections include matching wedding invitations, save the dates, thank you & all the accompanying cards. plus everything you'll need on the day from wedding welcome signs, seating charts, menu + place cards and all the smaller signage needs

and yes! we can turn any design into any event invitation you desire


Vino is oh so romantic, a touch of fun + a sense of timeless Italian charm, with hand drawn borders inspired by lush Tuscan vineyards. Just like wine enhances the flavours of a meal, this collection will most defiantly enhance the celebration of your love.

Edward Wedding Invitation Collection


Dare to stand out with our Edward Collection. Fresh fonts, sexy waves & all tied together with a chic modern style.

First Date

First Date screams 'invite me to this party.' Bold, cheeky and so much fun, this collection dances across the pages to ensure this is the one event your guests will certainly not forget.

Claire Wedding Invitation Stationery Collection


Claire is modern, cool and not afraid to be a little bold. Traditional fonts with a fresh twist gives this collection a fresh fun edge.

Never Let You Go

Never Let You Go makes you want to say yes! The unexpected connection of fonts both bold and sensitive are held together with the power of love. Yes, this collection, yes this event, yes, this is our forever.


Seabrook is an achingly tender collection swept away in enduring love and the power of miracles. A-to-die-for script leaves you waiting for that one moment to be kissed in the rain.


Abbie is the essence of timeless elegance while embracing a minimalist aesthetic. This collection features a clean and sophisticated layout, with an air of understated charm.

Roses Wedding Invitation Collection


Roses is now and forever. A bold design that paints the story of true love, sensible and clean this collection really is your happily ever after.


Serendipity is a collection held in the hands of fate. A blend of unique, traditional and romantic fonts, this style takes two worlds and shows how we are all destined to be with our one true love.

Golden Afternoon

Golden Afternoon tiptoes through the tulips of old world calligraphy set against new world elegance and charm. Your guests will fall down the rabbit hole of twisted sophistication and hint of who knows what may come next?

Magnetic Attraction Wedding Invitation Collection

Magnetic Attraction

Magnetic Attraction is a wondrous, magical, messy complicated theme that leaves you wanting so much more. Limitless in choices, this collection is a heart beat of proving that opposites do attract creating something uniquely beautiful.

Ferris Wheel Wedding Invitation Collection

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel is the collection where you finally figure out exactly what you want. Set against a backdrop of classic and traditional themes, this collection stands strong in a sea of subdued tones and typecast fonts like the perfectly worn leather chair in a library of possibility.


Cosmopolitan captures perfectly the clean lines and perfect curves of a modern and understated elegance. Certainly not beige, this collection drips in class and New York charm, enticing and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

All I Ask of You

All I Ask of You is more than a love story, this collection is inspired by a ticket to the opera and an escape into an event that holds deep in classic lines and sentiment, yet with a modern twist. Clean lines with a stroke of intrigue make this collection embedded in old word meets new world charm.

Before Sunrise Wedding Invitation Collection

Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise is an ode to romantic possibility, a chance encounter scripted through lines that are handwritten curves capturing both the connection and love of your event. Two souls seamlessly bound together in layout this collection effortlessly proves that less is so much more.

Be My Baby

Be My Baby captures the guilty pleasure of a summer romance, with a hint of forbidden love. Fun, sexy and everything you want those hot summer nights to be, this collection blends both retro and modern fonts to make everybody want to carry a watermelon to your event.

Me And You Wedding Invitation Collection

Me And You

Me And You is a love story for this generation, captured with an unlikely bond that simply works. Not afraid to be a little fun, this collection blends the right balance of romance against a modern thread. When you want something that simply works, this is the one for you.


Daisuki goes hand in hand with romantic minimalism and a touch of a love that entwines forever. Ever so sweet illustrations allow your guests to escape into the fairy tale world of love and all its possibilities. So easy to style and so perfect.

Wolfsbane Wedding Invitation Collection


Wolfsbane is laced with eternity and glimmers of mystical forbidden love. Through this collection the hope that love can endure against all odds dances from the page and proves that everything is possible.

Galway Girl

Galway Girl is strong and confident, where love grows through the uncertainty of time. Adventure, new beginnings and a sense of unique style your event will capture the sense of forever.

P.S. find that one thing that will always make you happy, then celebrate it with everyone who matters most.

XOXO Wedding Invitation Collection


XOXO is the one secret we will never tell, set against a backdrop of Upper east side glam, this collection is the one where if two people are meant to be together, they will always find a way. Make it official with this statement collection and finally say yes. 

Starry Wedding Invitation Collection


Starry starts in a galaxy far far away, where a mix of rebellious fonts work together to drive harmony. The collection lands on earth in a classic and elegant twist that can fill your whole event with all the possibilities of a starry universe. 

about us

adelphi mou is a creative design studio based in Melbourne. We offer a selection of semi-custom wedding invitation suites with all the matching wedding stationery items you'll need, from wedding welcome signs, seating charts + all the table stationery.

We work closely with you, creating personalised, unique & memorable wedding invites that perfectly reflects your individuality as a couple.