There are no limit to printing techniques and the various ways you can implement them into your design however the following techniques are tried and tested to be the my best recommendations to transform your design into the most wonderful invitation.


Digital print
adelphi mou Digital Print Sample

Digital printing is where digital artwork is applied directly onto the media with the ability to achieve high detail. Stocks can be up to 350gsm. Benefits include faster turnarounds, ability to have smaller runs & variable data (personalised names). It is the most cost effective method.

Typical turnaround times are 2 weeks


White Ink

Printing Technique White Ink

White ink is the same process as digital however it used a white only toner ink. This is great to print on darker medias. This also has the benefits of faster turnarounds, ability to have smaller runs & variable data (personalised names). It is also cost effective however a little higher than standard digital print.

Typical turnaround times are 2 weeks


Hot Foil Press

Printing Technique - Hot Foil Press

Hot Foil Stamping is a method of printing a custom die is created. This die is then heated and pressed against a thin leaf of metallic/pigment foil, transferring the design onto the desired stock. Stocks can be up to 600gsm.  As a die of the design is created, variable data can not be achieved. This technique produces a beautiful solid metallic finish. This is on the higher price range.

Typical turnaround times are 3-4 weeks



Printing Technique - Letterpress

Letterpress is a relief printing process where a custom plate is covered in ink then is pressed against the stock to create the print and deep impression. Letterpress printing is an art in itself, as each item is individually pressed and much care is needed to ensure a result that is visually attractive as well as tactile to touch. Stocks can be up to 600gsm - the thicker the better! Like Foil Press, variable data can not be achieved. This is on the higher price range.

Typical turnaround times are 3-4 weeks 


Embossing / Debossing

Printing Techniques Embossing

Similar to Letterpress, Embossing/Debossing is a technique where pushing a custom die into the stock however it is without ink. This gives you a three-dimensional effect of the design. This is often used for the main lettering of a design, or illustration in the design. Embossing produces a raised look on the surface while Debossing creates an indented look into the stock. This is on the higher price range.

Typical turnaround times are 3-4 weeks


Spot UV

Printing Technique SpotUV

Spot UV is an application UV Coating to a specific area. Spot UV is a creative way to add depth and contrast through its high sheen finish. This a great option for highly graphic art as well as subtle tone on tone.

Typical turnaround times are 3 weeks



Printing Technique Verko

Verko is the the application of power over a specified ink that is then passed through an oven. This melts the power into the ink leaving it with a raised finish. This adds a beautiful solid colour gloss & texture the the final design. 

Typical turnaround times are 3 weeks



Printing Technique Flocking

Flocking is a print process where short fibers are applied to an adhesive coated surface giving it a velvet like texture to the surface. Although this is on the higher end of the cost scale, the beauty in the result far surpasses the fee.

Typical turnaround times are 4-6 weeks 


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