Know your media - and not the social kind! Below is a list of our favoriate and recommended stocks we use to produce the variety of invitations, on the day stationery & individual pieces for your events needs.

Paper / Card

Media Card

Paper & Card are the most traditional stocks used for invitations & event stationery. It is the ideal stock for almost all printing techniques and can be cut, folded & transformed into many shapes.


Media Handmade

Handmade papers are individually made, sheet by sheet. Cotton fibres (pulp) are suspended in water then poured onto a paper mould. The sheet is then lifted and placed on a bed to dry. These moulds are the final size of the paper, which gives the stock it's beautiful unique edge finish. No two sheets are exactly alike.



Media Acrylic

Acrylic is a thermoplastic, which is lightweight, impact and weather resistant. It comes in a variety of finishes from solid & transparent colours, gloss & satin finishes, metallic mirror as well as many other unique options. It can be printed, laser etched & cut into unique shapes. It can be used to create stunning invitations as well as many unique event stationery, including welcome signs, drink stirrers and name placements.


Foamed PVC

Media FoamedPVC

Foamed PVC is the perfect combination of rigid yet light weight stock. It is our preferred stock used for our signage due to its print finish, it can get a little wet without instantly rippling & ability to be cut into unique custom shapes. 



Media Synthetic

Synthetic stock is resistant to water & tearing with a silky smooth finish and wonderful print definition. It can also be cut into any custom shape. This makes it perfect to use for table coverings, posters & placemats. 


Media Wood

There are a variety of woods that can be either printed or etched. They provide a unique natural look with options from paper thin to 40mm.


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