Want to make it fancy? Then you're at the right place. Here are just some of the many options you have to take your item to the next level - or through the roof!


Vinyl Adhesive 

Make It Fancy Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl adhesive comes in many different finishes from metallic, glossy & even glow in the dark! Vinyl adhesive can be cut into custom designs and applied onto signage or invitations. They are ideal for one off or small runs and are a sure way to make your design POP!


Die Cut

Make It Fancy DieCut

Long gone are the days where we followed the straight line and it's been wonderful ever since. Card stocks can be cut into virtually any shape, giving the design a unique look which can match your theme and stand out from the norm.



Make It Fancy Duplex

Although card stocks are thick on their own - you can take it one step further by duplexing the stock. This is where two stocks are adhered together, creating a super thick stock which is wonderful to hold. You can get creative with this, by duplexing multicolours or even TRIPLEXING it! 


Wax Seal

Make It Fancy WaxSeal

Wax seals have come a long way from it's traditional use. With traditional techniques of pouring hot wax then sealing with a stamp directly onto the stock, to the easier wax sticker version where you have the same wax seal with an adhesive backing. Wax seals are a beautiful way to elevate your design.



Make It Fancy Envelope Liner

Give an impact from the moment you open the envelope with envelope liners. This are a plain or printed sheet die cut sheet of paper that is adhered to the internal lining of the envelope. This gives an ultra luxe impact to your invitation. It is not for the faint of heart!



Make It Fancy Eyelet

Eyelets are a cleaver little tool that not only can bind several stocks together but also create decorative embellishment to your design. 



Make It Fancy Sticker

Stickers are a great way to personalise your items. From sealing envelopes and personalising a basic item - ensuring the design now matches your theme. Stickers can be printed and cut in a variety of finishes and shapes - creating a truely unique item.


Belly Band

Make It Fancy BellyBand

Belly bands are a paperweight stock used to wrap around and hold a stack of items together. This can be printed or used plain. This is perfect if your invitation has a many items you want to keep together.



Make It Fancy Pocket

Pockets are die cut card stock folded and glued together to create a sleeve used to hold multiple stocks together. It can kept plain or you can elevate the design by printing it or even Hot Foil Press. This is a grand and unique presentation of your invitation or event stationery. 


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